Something for the weekend No. 8

The people, articles, music, ideas + food I’ve loved this week …
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Hey beautiful!

How was your week?
This was a great week for dig on some quality content, particularly music, long-form articles and podcast.  Lordy know how I managed to even read any of these this week, considering it was the busiest week of my business so far.
I helped two clients launch sites this week and was up until the wee (weeeeeee) hours of the morning every day for almost a week.  My circadian rhythms are still suffering but I feel good because I’ve transitioned into a sort of sabbatical over the next four weeks.  I’ll still be working hard, but on my own projects in my business instead of client-focused work.  As a side note: if you’re considering a website or a design project for 2017, get at me here because I’m planning on significantly cutting back on design services next year and am filling up my calendar now.
On with the goodies!
As we wind down to the end of the year, I’ve noticed a few good round up lists:  likethis one for the best science books of 2016 and this one for podcasts you should be binge listening to. 
Oh, yeah and I’ve been binging on 2 Dope Queens…… (Can I get a YASSSSSSS!! in here?)  Freaking love this show.
If you want to make the background on your laptop or phone pretty, try this or this.
I read out the app Countable that helps make it easier to contact your representative and get involved politically.
Danielle LaPorte has a HUGE bundle of freebies that’s she’s giving away for the holidays.  I know I’ve personally dropped several hundred bucks in the past buying some of the items that are free here (specifically Your Big Beautiful Book Plan + Firestarter Sessions — wayyy back before it was even a book)
Finally, as a treat… here’s why sex is sooo good for us.
After I click send here, I’m off to the kitchen to make some mulled wine, a picky snacky platter of cheese and crackers, truffle popcorn and some dark chocolate.  I’m going to light up the Peace Tree (as I’m calling it this year) and light some candles.  Although after that I’m debating whether to listen to this YouTube video of crackling fire sounds OR my Spotify playlist “LIT” filled with afrobeat bangers….. this choice could totally take my night in two completely directions 🙂

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