Something for the weekend No. 7

The links, eats, tunes, products + people I’ve loved this week.
Image // @stoneproject
Hello beautiful!
How has your week been?   I spent all last weekend at my biz + life planning retreat, elbows deep in metrics, goals, objectives, heart whispers, gut instincts and soul longings.  Every year I take myself away for a few days in a hotel to muse over the last year, celebrate the wins, learn from the mistakes and chart a new course for the year ahead.
This week I read that the theme of December is Compassion // Taking the High Road — I used this info to create my own core desired feelings for December (Productive, Playful, Optimistic) and to set my business goals for the month (prepare for re-launching Your Year of Radical Transformation, redesign the 2nd version of Chakra Detox)
Major inspiration vibes from this video of Kendrick Lamar and Rick Rubin two thoughtful beings rapping on music, meditation and the creative process.
Lastly, I was very moved by this post: Cataclysmic Evolutionary Catalysts. (AKA: The times we live in).  Listen to this:
These are the darkest of times where medicines for profit have more side effects than benefits; where banking is not financial security, but a chop-shop of money gangsters; where industry has stopped making life better on Earth and is destroying life on Earth. And government, sweet government, is now an accumulator of lawless characters housed in an institution of anarchy. Within this ridiculous riddle—in a world turned upside down—you’re on an assignment from Spirit, and have no choice.
“Either wake up, stand up, and show up, all the way up, or pack it up.” @GuruSingh
Enjoy a brilliant weekend and take care of yourself!


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