Something for the weekend No. 6

The links, eats, tunes, products + people I’ve loved this week.
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Hello beautiful!
How has your week been?   This week was a blur of late nights and quick-cook meals as I helped one of my clients get her website re-brand ready for the world to see.  It was an all-hands-on-deck kind of a week where we needed to pull together as a creative team.  I started a new cycle while working intensely on the project, which meant that my energy was more introspective and not in ideal alignment, but I tried to find balance with hot showers, working from bed when I could, warm food and blankets.
Syncing with your cycle isn’t always easy because sometimes you’ll run into deadlines and commitments that aren’t always aligned with where your cycle is, but I usually try to pause and ask myself “how can I find more ease while also honoring what I absolutely need to get done today?”
Yesterday I spent a quiet Thanksgiving here in Malta, with a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine with my new copper wire fairy lights on (so pretty!)   The best part of the meal?  This recipe for coconut custard pie.  I’ll definitely be making this throughout the year — not just on Thanksgiving.
I printed out this Soulful Habit Tracking Worksheet from Danielle LaPorte and plan on filling it out on my biz retreat.
For Thanksgiving I took some time out to donate to three causes I feel passionate about:  Planned Parenthood, Standing Rock #nodapl and Election Integrity.
I’ve been listening to this album by Ani DiFranco a lot this week (it’s an oldie by a goodie), plus the Jose Gonzales radio station on Spotify (it’s lush!)
Next week is my annual business planning retreat, so I’ll let you know how it went when I check in again next week!
Enjoy a brilliant weekend and take care of yourself!xo

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