Something for the weekend No. 5

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Hello beautiful!
How has your week been?  I was shocked to find it’s Friday already… I think it’s because we had guests this week and my schedule was completely thrown off (plus I’m planning on working all weekend to catch up, so it doesn’t have that typical Friday-night-feel.)

This week I shared an interview with Lucy Pearce, author of Moon Time.  We chatted about the menstrual cycle and how to support yourself during each of the four phases (one of my favorite topics, you know!) You can still enter to win a free copy of Moon Time and listen to the episode right here. 

I also enjoyed watching re-runs of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations as I plan my trip to Rome next weekend… LA DOLCE VITA!

This week I read a long-read profile of Leonard Cohen and loved the descriptions of his stripped-back existence in Greece, writing in a small room, sipping on pungent Greek wine.  A gorgeous man, who created rich, evocative, hymn-like music.  I also started reading the novel Magdelen Rising, which was recommended by my friend Sarah Starrs (check out her awesome podcast while you’re there!) 

I spent a few nights cooking big meals for our guests (Italian one night, seafood feast the next) but in the past few days I’ve made my own version of what I’d call Golden Milk Rice Pudding (normal rice pudding with additional turmeric, ginger and black pepper!) and some “everything in the fridge” black bean burgers with scraps of what was left (even my leftover scrambled eggs, haha!)
Two of the best moments of my week were 1. watching a crazy lightening storm over the Mediterranean Sea and 2. calling my political representative (it’s something I’ve never done before and it was really empowering to feel like I was engaging in politics in a new way!)

Enjoy a brilliant weekend and take care of yourself!
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