Something for the weekend No. 4

Hello beautiful!

When I looked back on this week, to see what I could share with you it was difficult to pick out anything that wasn’t election-related… what I read, watched, thought about was completely dominated. I’m going to avoid sharing anything election related here (I’m doing enough of that on FB at the moment!) But here’s the only thing I’m going to say:  this election has been traumatic for women, no matter who you voted for. If you find yourself experiencing anxiety, depression or effects of re-traumatization or PTSD, especially as a result of sexual assault in your past, try Emotional Freedom Technique to help heal the charged or triggered emotions.  It can be a powerful tool to have in your back pocket during times of stress.

This week I launched season #3 of the Spirited Entrepreneur Podcast and kicked off with an interview with Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You.  We chatted about self-love and the importance of self-care and I think this episode might be a welcome healing balm to the stress of the election this week. You can still enter to win a free copy of Beautiful You and listen to the episode right here. 


Post election, I was craving some comfort food, so I used the leftover pulled pork from this weekend’s slow cooker carnitas and made homemade won ton soup from scratch (I even made the stock from scratch — woo!)  I must admit that I was craving eating the won ton soup from a plastic quart container with a quart side of ice tea, it’s just not the same when you don’t get it from the Chinese takeway!

This weekend my mother in law is here to stay, so we’ll be doing some touristy things and showing her around the gorgeous sites of Malta.  If you’ve never been here, check out 10 of the most beautiful places in Malta (#6 is right by my house!)

I’m still reading Energies of Love by Donna Eden (it’s a whopper, I’m only halfway through!)  But I’m on the lookout for a good fiction book to start reading…. any suggestions?

Enjoy a brilliant weekend and take care of yourself!



PS – I’ve opened doors to the free Radical Transformation Speaker Salon (11/28 – 12/2), where I’ve brought together four-days worth of transformational interviews, meditation + surprises designed to rock your world and change your life!  I’m going to send out a more detailed email about #RTSS next week, but you can sign up early right here.

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