Something for the weekend No. 3

Hello beautiful! 

How was your week?

I spent the better part of this week with the metaphorical “do not disturb” sign up on the door, deep in my creative writing bubble.  During this part of my cycle (pre-ovulatory phase) is when I get the bulk of my focused work done.  So it was definitely the kind of week to stick something easy in the slow cooker and create a judgement-free zone for working in my pajamas. 🙂

Something for the weekend is a little idea I cooked up about sharing a meandering, circuitous journey through my week, where you get a little peek into what I’ve been reading, cooking, musing on, creating and loving this week.

This week I supported my body with starting the 21-Day “The Power of Connection” Meditation Challenge.  We’re a few days into it now, but you can still sign up right here. 

I’ve had Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Mala Rodriguez’s Bruja keeping me company this week while I wrote.

On Halloween, I dressed up like a skeleton just to sit at home by myself and work (we get zero trick or treaters here in Malta.)

I read this article about the link between depression and birth control pills and this article on MysticMamma about the theme for November (hint: it’s forgiveness!)

Food for thought: What’s the one question you should ask yourself before you pick up your phone?

I was all about the soup this week and made french onion soup (minus the bread) and a copycat version of The Olive Garden’s zuppa toscana.

I’m reading Donna Eden’s Energies of Love and I think it’s just amazing so far. I’ve already learned my energetic stress style (visual when mildly stressed ; kinesthetic when very stressed / flooded with emotions) and how to relate to my partner’s stress style (digital moving to tonal.)  I’m a big fan of Donna’s work already and I refer back to her book Energy Medicine regularly.  This book takes that work and narrows the scope to focus on love, specifically what happens energetically when we’re in love (or falling out of love.)

Tony Robbins convinced me to have an “hour of power” everyday. 

Have a super sweet weekend and let me know if you find any gems in this list!



PS — Season 3 of The Spirited Entrepreneur Podcast starts next week!

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