Something for the weekend No. 24

Image // @unknown
Hi there!!
Isn’t that picture of Saturn up there pretty groovy?
It’s a gorgeous Friday. I’m just back from a beautiful walk around the beach and sipping on some jasmine green tea.
This week has been incredibly, pleasantly grounding as I spent several days simply writing, reading and researching.  I don’t know if you feel this way, but I’ve always felt like I have a certain “word count” that I have to get to every day in order to feel fulfilled.
Working from home without regular social interactions, it’s often difficult to get to that place of fulfilment, but writing certainly helps.  This week I clocked in 17,000 written words, plus a 5 hour Skype hangout session with a friend, so I think I’ve hit my subconscious target!
Listening to:
Kendrick Lamar // Damn.  This was a pleasant surprise, as the album just dropped and I’m listening to it right now as I type this.  So far I’m 7 songs in and loving it.
This live station on YouTube for chilled out, jazzy, hip-hop-inspired background music to write to. I can’t write to music that has words, but equally I like writing to music that has a subtle sexiness to it, so this is perfect!
Last week I used this Korean beauty eyebrow tint.  It’s basically a temporary tattoo for your eyebrows that you paint on with a small brush and leave on for two hours (while looking like Groucho Marx!) then you peel it off.  Oh, and it looks like two caterpillars when you peel it off!   The results were pretty impressive and the effect lasted a whole week.  (Check out the funny pic at the bottom to see the results!)
This week I learned + discovered:
Saturn’s moon is able to support life.  (Yup, that’s why there’s that psychedelic piccie of Saturn up there!)
So, now it’s your turn.  I want to make this weekly feature a little more interactive, so hit reply and tell me what’s something you’ve read, listened to, watched or learned this week that’s added a little something special to your week?
Enjoy your weekend!



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