Something for the weekend No. 23

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What’s up, buttercup?
Each year around this time the fiery, forward-marching energy of April’s Aries season always gives me an extra push of creativity and this year is no exception. (Also, my middle name is April so there’s another reason why I love this month!)
This week I finished the “What is Your Hormonal Archetype” quiz (Go here to find out what your Hormonal Archetype is + recommendations on how to heal your core hormonal imbalances.)  I love a good creative project and it was so much fun to put together each Hormonal Archetype — from choosing colors to imagery to lifestyle and supplement recommendations.
I also booked a 2-week European tour for myself at the end of May (it’s my dangling carrot timed perfectly to celebrate finishing the Unlock Your Cycle program!)  I’ve created a train-journey itinerary to visit several places I haven’t yet been to in Europe: Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Verona and Turin 🙂

NEWEST ARTICLE | Aphrodisiac Truffles: The Recipe

One of my favorite Sunday afternoon treats is creating rich, chocolatey truffles that I can nibble on as an after dinner treat for the rest of the week. This recipe takes the pleasurable yumminess of chocolate truffles and adds an extra boost of sexiness with an aphrodisiac, fertility-boosting, adaptogenic herbal blend….

This week I learned + discovered:
Good News for the Older Mothers: “Nowadays children of older mothers have, on average, better outcomes because of the characteristics of women who tend to have children at older ages.”

Period Piece: Exploring Menstrual Achievements From 400 BC To Today

The theme for April 2017 is INTENSITY — I feel this already! Reading this after a night of tossing and turning and crying was a salve for my soul.

A federal court just made a very big decision for gay rights. Seriously, it’s huge.

I smell an arts and crafts project a-brewin’!

So, now it’s your turn.  I want to make this weekly feature a little more interactive, so hit reply and tell me what’s something you’ve read, listened to, watched or learned this week that’s added a little something special to your week?
Enjoy your weekend!



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