Something for the weekend No. 21

What’s up, buttercup?
This week I’m honoring the first week of my cycle with lots of comfort, warmth and blankets (and cookies, there have been lots of cookies this week.) ¬†Since oh, about Monday, most things have been done under a blanket with comfy socks on.
I did attempt to create a standing desk with a clothes rack, a piece of wood and a large box… but so far I’ve only looked at it from my cocoon on the couch ūüôā
Now that I’m on day 5, I can feel my energy reviving and I’m ready to re-engage with the world again. ¬†SO it’s off to the gym for a quick swim, then a sauna and a steam. ¬† I try not to exercise at all during the first 3 days of my cycle and then slowly start to introduce gentle exercise like swimming and yoga from days 4-6.

New article this week | The best period tracker apps

Period tracker apps have become a HUGE business in the the last few years and with the 2016 iOS Health App update adding menstrual cycle data tracking, it seems like many tech companies are finally jumping on the cycle bandwagon. In today’s post, I’ll be breaking down my top 4 favorite cycle tracking apps and giving you the pros and cons of each one. (Stay tuned for which app I use on a daily basis to keep track of my own cycle….)  Read more here. 
I’m still reading the same books from last week, but loving both of them for very different reasons! ¬†The Tony Robbins book feels like a potent distillation of all of the powerful lessons we need to live a fully alive + present life. ¬†DH Lawrence, on the other hand is a sensual, teasing journey through the written word. ¬†Just glorious!
This week I learned + discovered:
Ms cheat sheet is still my favorite way to learn about the economy. ¬†It’s one of the only things I subscribe to via email. ¬† I’m usually not a fan of “snarky” but she does it so well.
Naked portraits of women in all shapes, sizes and colors via  NSFW but beautiful.

You’ll soon be able to check sperm counts via your cellphone. ¬†Want to find out how many of your dude’s sperms have three heads? ¬†There’s an app for that!

Finally, a quick dive into a topic I rarely talk about: sports.  Did you know that the performance of NBA basketball teams on the road has skyrocketed?  Usually home teams had a massive advantage, but not anymore.  Because: Tinder. 
Enjoy your weekend!



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