Something for the weekend No. 20

Image // @anniereeves
Hey beautiful!
How has this week been for you?  Doesn’t this picture make you crazy a sexy weekend in Italy?
Alas, today I’ve traded in La Dolce Vita for working from bed with some butter coffee and a hot water bottle.  This afternoon after I’ve put in a few hours of good, solid work I’m going to treat myself to yoga on the roof, then the spa… followed by a Guinness (’tis the season!)
This week I officially launched Unlock Your Cycle – Integrative Health Clinic for Women (find out how we can work together to solve your hormonal woes right here.)  The online center site is still a work in progress and over the next 6 weeks I’ll be adding the Unlock Your Cycle program (8-courses in total) and YouTube channel is up next once I find out what to do with my DSLR camera that just conked out on me!
Haven’t started it yet, but I’m planning on watching Her Story web series on YouTube this weekend.  I’ve also been re-watching Flight of the Conchords for giggles and The History of French Art on the BBC for culture.
– Beeswax + Vitamin C powder semi-water proof lotion to help neutralize the effects of chlorine on my skin / hair

– Carrot seed oil + Jasmine bronze oil for my skin that has a bit of natural SPF protection

This week I learned:
I also enjoyed watching this short film: The Female Bond
Enjoy your weekend!



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