Something for the weekend No. 2

Image // @SincerelyJules
Hello beautiful!

How was your week?   For me, this week was all about starting a new cycle and setting new intentions for the next few weeks. I’ve just gotten back from a windy walk along the beach and now (with sandy toes) I thought I’d send you over a little something for the weekend.
Something for the weekend is a little idea I cooked up about sharing a meandering, circuitous journey through my week, where you get a little peek into what I’ve been reading, cooking, musing on, creating and loving this week.
This week I supported my body with listening to my own menstrual yoga, orgasmic meditation and womb mapping audios from the Your Year of Radical Transformation Libra and Scorpio modules.  Once I got over the weirdness of listening to myself, I really started to dig it!

I’ve had both this album Dakini Mandarava and Love Frequency binaural beats on repeat in the background as I’ve been working, meditating, cooking and even taking a shower.

I’ve been researching derma-rolling for my skin to help reduce wrinkles and heal sun damage. Is anyone trying this?  I bought this set from Amazon to test it out. 
While I was there I also picked up some Acai powder, Maca powder, a green powder combo with spirulina and chlorella and I re-upped my stash of Pink Sun grass-fed protein powder.
Oh, and I also bought myself this Hello Kitty popcorn maker!
It was clearly a “spoiling myself” kind of week.
This week, I cooked up some yummy things in the kitchen….  I baked a plain and banana tumeric version of this Life Changing Loaf (I’m literally eating it right now as I type this), spirulized some zucchini noodles and ate this crazzzzzzzzy vegetable for the first time. 
Tonight I’m going to whip up these black bean brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie to go with my 3€ bottle of organic chardonnay (gotta love living in Europe for mad cheap vino!)
I’m still reading one of my favorite author Tom Robbins’ memoir Tibetan Peach Pie and I re-read Lisa Lister’s Code Red (stay tuned for my interview with Lisa coming up in the next few weeks on the Spirited Entrepreneur podcast)
Work wise, I helped launch (her site is GORGEOUS!) and got a solid 4,000 words down for the core module of Unlock Your Cycle. Yay!!

On this weekend’s agenda, I’m looking forward to a new moon ritual and learning how to do THIS dance!  Care to join me!?

PS — I just booked myself a short break in ROME for the last weekend in November.  I’m going to be staying at a little B&B in the gorgeous, trattoria-filled neighborhood of Trastevere. Any suggestions for can’t miss restaurants and cafes in Rome?

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