Something for the weekend No. 19

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Hey beautiful!
How has this week been for you?
Today I can feel the energy growing from the approaching Full Moon in Virgo (on Sunday.)  The combination of Pisces (where the sun is this month) and Virgo (where the moon will be on Sunday) is a cool one, because it can help ground the wishy-washy watery Pisces vibes that we’ve been swimming in for a few weeks with some good old fashioned Virgo sense and sensibility!
Full Moon is usually the best time to set new goals, but I make an exception for Virgo Full Moons because it seems like a shame to let those perfect planning vibes go to waste.
This weekend, why not grab your journal and find a quiet space to get your Piscean dreams down on paper and use the extra-special Virgo Full Moon boost to figure out how in the heck you can make them a reality!
Eco soy candles
Fermenting sauerkraut, kimchi and pickled carrots
Paleo sugar-free rice krispie treats (no recipe, just winging it using my Great Lakes grass-fed gelatin + some liquid stevia)
My favorite recipe from the week was sweet potato + onion fritters, on top of a roasted portobello mushroom, topped with some sour cream and parsley.  YUM!
This week I bought:
This week I bought quite a few random items!
– Blood test (I think at 33 I should definitely know my blood type by now)
– pH sticks (so I can geekily check the pH of my skin, saliva + pee!)
– Borax (for general cleaning and as a natural remedy for a weird skin thing I’ve got going on at the moment)
– Beeswax + Vitamin C powder (to make a semi-water proof lotion to help neutralize the effects of chlorine on my skin / hair)
– Carrot seed oil + Jasmine + bronze mica powder (to make a bronze oil for my skin that has a bit of natural SPF protection from the carrot seed oil)
I also bought this Korean eyebrow tint gel (shade: grey brown) that you peel off like a temporary tattoo!
This week I learned:
Enjoy your weekend and be sure to get out there and check out the full moon on Sunday!



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