Something for the weekend No. 18

The links, people & ideas I’ve loved this week ūüôā
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Hey beautiful!
How has this week been for you?
I’m back on my little island in Malta after 6-weeks of staying with my family in the USA and it feels nice to back in my little pod with the sun shining!
The most important thing that I did this week was watch Moonlight (the film, not the celestial beam of light.) ¬†I saw the trailer for this film over 6 months ago and since then I’ve been (im)patiently waiting to finally watch it. ¬†From beginning to end I was moved, on the edge of tears, full of feelings, empathy and just fully alive and present. ¬†This film is powerful and utterly gorgeous. Pure art and a jolt to my heart.
I just finished Lana + Dave Asprey’s Better Baby Book and am currently in the middle of re-reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas¬†(shockingly I found this in paperback while in the US.)
The links:
I like this idea about personalized daily vitamin packs.  Well done Care/of! (Good branding too)
#marchismagical, Gala Darling’s instagram challenge. ¬†It’s not too late to get involved.
This week I learned:
That maps are wrong.   I also had an evening trying to find out whether anyone had circumnavigated the world from North to South (yes, but only once) and what happens when you get to the other side of Antartica.
In this week’s WTF file we have this:¬†Please Do Not Glue Your Labia Shut While You‚Äôre On Your Period (Or Ever) ¬†DUDE.¬†#facepalm
Enjoy your weekend!



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