Something for the weekend No. 17

Hey beautiful!
How has this week been for you?  (( Maybe quick pause for a deep breath and a check in ))
This week I launched a Galentine’s Day surprise: The Center for Menstrual and Sexual Health.  This is where I see the direction of my work headed big time and I have the entire month of March creatively blocked off to record a series of new videos for YouTube all about periods, sex, fertility, hormones and wellness.  When I sat down to write out my production schedule I breezed through well over 200+ video topics!
Today also marks the start of Pisces season and I’ve recorded a free video workshop to help guide through the transition from Aquarius to Pisces and also supercharge the next 4 weeks with some Piscean-infused activites.  Watch it right here.  (Also: this means sign ups for Your Year of Radical Transformation are open for this weekend only.  You’ll start immediately with the Pisces module. There’s a discount, it’s sweet.)
The links:
My client Sarah Durham Wilson is running a really cool course on the Teachings of Inanna (descent into rebirth)  We’re rebirthing a new website for her this spring so watch this space!

Revenge of the Right Brain. Loved this article by Wired – it’s 10 years old now but creates an interesting argument for the importance of creativity, curation and connection.Galentine’s Day: How a Beloved Fiction Became a Beloved Tradition. This year I celebrated with my Nana and cousin.  It was sweet and special.

The new Kimmy Schmidt trailer is out and Titus channeling Lemonade-esque Beyonce has made my freaking day.
BTW… Beyonce at the Grammy’s.  Swoon!  All that gold! That poetry! Those amazing pregnancy breasts!
On finding out that Phillip Pullman is rebooting the His Dark Materials series (my favorite!) I took this quiz to find out what animal my daemon would be.  Turns out it’s a dog.

To add to my growing collection of letter-writing resources. The world needs more love letters and Letters in the mail.Enjoy your weekend!



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