Something for the weekend No. 16

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Hey beautiful!
How has your week?  Are you feeling the potent, pulsing energy of the full moon in Leo ( + eclipse + comet) that’s been swirling around us?
Today I’m definitely feeling the rumbling deep inside of myself.  This past week I’ve been blessed to have several conversations that have served as a (sometimes painful) mirror to myself.  A mirror which reflected back the reality that there is very little fun, play + pleasure in my life currently.  And a reminder that the effervescent, joyous experiences of life don’t just happen, they’re created.
Universe: consider the message received loud and clear.  Challenge accepted!
The links:
I loved watching these soulful interviews of girlcrush-worthy sisters Domino andJemima Kirke. The content of both interviews is different, but you can see the deep, thoughtful essence that links the sisters.
Ditto for this article by Danielle LaPorte where she’s taken us on a roadmap through hurts, failures and embarrassments.  She’s know for bringing realness in her writing, but typically in more general terms.  This time she’s going personal.
A bra with a pocket for your crystals?  Yes please!  I love the rose quartz and smokey quartz
Snail Mail Is Back! I’m been majorly digging on letters recently.
Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast.  I really really enjoy The New Yorker’s long-form journalism, especially when it’s a personal profile.  (Also reading this has inspired having James Brown’s The Boss on repeat. A bad mother. )
Václav Havel’s Lessons on How to Create a “Parallel Polis”.  Havel is up next on my must-read list.  A champion of peaceful, active resistance, he writes about…
“placing morality above politics and responsibility above our desires, in making human community meaningful, in returning content to human speech, in reconstituting, as the focus of all social action, the autonomous, integral, and dignified human ‘I.’
In an irreverent, fun and silly spirit I’ve been watching videos about how to twerk, researching pole dancing classes for when I get back to Malta, watching girls shave their heads (and here too) and loving this leaf-print bathing suit top.
Enjoy your weekend!
PS — I’m going to back on Valentine’s Day launching that new project I told you I’ve been working on.

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