Something for the weekend No. 15

The links, people & ideas I’ve loved this week 🙂
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Hey beautiful!
How has your week?
This week was a whirlwind of client-based design projects and putting the final touches on the Malta Wellness Retreat Centre launch that I told you about last week.  I still have one more project in the pipeline that I’m launching around Valentine’s Day, so look out for that next week!
My business goal for the the year was to front-load the first 90-days of my year with pretty intense content creation so that the rest of the year can be spent focusing on *gasp* shutting the computer off and spending time working with real people! (See: the motivation for creating a pop-up retreat center in Malta this summer.)
The links:
There are a bunch of links this week!  I’ve done a lot of digital reading.   This week I also started a new paperback book called To the Letter.  It’s a history and homage to the lost art of letter-writing and it’s definitely inspired me to pick up a pen and some scented paper.
10 Actions / 100 Days time to get your butt moving. I’m planning on buying a pack of cute postcards.
A great question to ask yourself: What else?
How I Got My Attention Back….  I’m still searching for mine.
Beautiful “Literary Constellations” artwork
It’s a feminine skill to process other people’s pain. Empathy. Whole humans feel things. Deeply. And then the heart wants to make something with the pain — to run it through it’s ventricles and transmute it into goodness. It’s a beautiful inclination. But we’ve got to keep our “pain processing for other people” in check or it will bring us down.

The theme for February 2017 is CHANGE.

Change is exciting, unpredictable and dynamic. Change is chaotic, and can include destruction and confusion. Change is inevitable and a crucial part of evolution.
Prosperity Meditations.  I’m planning on integrating this practice into my daily routine
These Tampon Delivery Services Make Your Period As Luxurious As it Can Be

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