Something for the weekend No. 14

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Hey beautiful!

How was your week?
I’m sitting here in Philadelphia doing two things that I love (see: listening to Bjork and eating a Pop-Tart…. oof.)
Tonight is the New Moon in a Aquarius, so it’s the perfect night to sit down with your journal and a pen and sketch out a few intentions for the month.  What do you want to do / create / feel over the next four weeks?
For me this new moon means that’s it’s time to launch something new and this time I’m launching one of my BIGGEST, most fun project yet:  Malta Wellness Retreat Centre.
From May to October 2017, I’ll be running 4-night retreats for women from my gorgeous farmhouse on the Maltese Island of Gozo.  Highlights include: daily yoga classes, poolside Happy Hour cocktails, wine tasting, healthy meals, fresh juices, cacao ceremonies, beach time, sightseeing at the megalithic goddess temples, dance parties & sunset meditations. {Download the retreat brochure here}

I. am. so. stoked.  Maybe you’ll join us this summer?!  I’m already rolling out the yoga mats and blowing up the hot pink flamingo pool floats.
The Links:

I was a self-help guru. An interesting perspective.

And for your weekly haha’s, check out this Bad Lip Reading version of Trump’s presidential inauguration.… Almost peed my pants!

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