Something for the weekend No. 13

Hey beautiful!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity after the sudden passing of my grandfather. I had to quickly book a flight back to the USA and my journey wound up taking three whole days as I flew from Malta –> Frankfurt –> Iceland –> New York. Once arrived, I was tossed into a flurry of activity with my family.
In my eulogy speech, the thing that came up for me the most was the curiosity my grandpop inspired and stoked in me, about the world… science… math… travel…. business … engineering … current affairs.  Things not typically associated with girls, right?  As I sit here as an adult and look at my life as an female entrepreneur, with businesses rooted in technology + design and the science of wellness, I can see the influence his presence in my life.
This week in business:
I shared this month’s free Aquarius video “How to supercharge your life during aquarius season” and I’m putting the final touches on two new biz projects I’m working on that should be launching in the new two weeks (hint: one involves poolside hangs, cocktails and downward-facing dog and the other involves hormonal health + sexuality.)
The Links:
Here are some of the random things I read, watched and enjoyed this week:
3 ways to become a strong, confident, and consistent writer because this year I’ve committed to writing more.

The lies we tell pregnant women for all of my mamas and soon-to-be mamas.

Jennifer Elsner’s Four Portraits. I found this this morning and thought it was such a cool idea.
Because of all of the travel I’ve been doing, I’ve watched a little more YouTube this week than normal. Here’s a little snapshot of what I’ve been watching:
Tony Robbin’s New Year, New You when I needed a kick up the bum
And just for fun perfect beachy waves tutorial and get ready with Rosie Huntington-Whitely (yup, and this one too. Guilty.)
From my grandfather’s closet I’ve inherited some 70’s and 80’s vintage Levis denim, turtlenecks, knit jumpers and soft worn-in sweatshirts, so I’ve been on Pinterest looking up how to bring a feminine touch to classic menswear staples.
And finally.
Feeling all of the feelings this inauguration day?  Try out this Vox Inauguration Day emotion tracker: share your feelings, and we’ll tell you where you stand with others.
PS — Doors for Your Year of Radical Transformation are open this weekend. Enrollment will open for a few days only, once per month when we transition into a new sign.  Sign up now to start with the new Aquarius module and join the private community of #YYORT babes.  

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