Something for the weekend No. 10

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Hey beautiful!

How was your week?
Once I click send on this message I’m going out for gluten-free pizza and then mulled wine and mince pies with my BFF. ¬†She’s in Malta to visit for the holidays and we’re creating new holiday traditions together ūüôā ¬†(She also reads these messages, so HI from the other room!)
This email is the last thing on my to-do list before closing up my laptop for the weekend so I can spend time some time just savoring friendship.
Work-wise I hosted an intensive Planning Party 2017 workshop on Wednesday and officially opened the doors to Your Year of Radical Transformation program (you can sign up for 90% off for a limited time — happy holidays from me to you!)
I wanted to share with you an idea I had last week that was born out of a feeling of overwhelm and helplessness about the news / the world / my facebook feed. In my head I’m calling it Activist Hour and here’s my plan.

I want to be hyper-vigilant about the news sources that I’m consuming so first I went through and identified the sources I trust for my news and added them to myFeedly app, then I deleted my Facebook app from my phone and blocked the website from my iPhone safari browser (I already have Newsfeed Eradicator on my laptop browser) ¬†THERE. ¬†That settled the pesky issue of an endless scrolling feed of doom.
But this isn’t about checking OUT of the world, this is about staying present. ¬†So I allot myself an hour a day to scroll through my Feedly app reading the news, but then, the twist: I need to do one, two or all three of these actions below.
1. Choose an issue and do a small action (call, email, text a representative, etc)
2. Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation / prayer / contemplation on peace
3. Donate if and when possible, however small the amount is.
It’s not a perfect system and these are only small actions, but Activist Hour is my personal way of reclaiming my agency and power, while simultaneously cutting down on the endless barrage of content that comes my way everyday. ¬†Sharing here in case you find some value in the process. ¬†Also I found this article and this one too helpful.
The links:
Brain Pickings 16 overall favorite books of 2016 (I love a good end-of-year list.) Also while I’m perusing the topic of lists here are¬†2016’s Underappreciated Science, Tech, and Health Stories and the Best Podcasts of 2016. ¬†** Now that I’m almost finished 2 Dope Queens, I’ve moved on to Sooo Many White Guys(sooo good!)
I really enjoyed Sandi Toksvig’s TED talk — if you’re not familiar with Sandi from UK panel shows like the News Quiz and QI, she’s lovely, hysterical and very inspiring!
If I was in any way, shape or form a “good baker” I would be making these geode cookies.¬†
After finishing the Magdalen Rising series I moved on to The Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley and I’m enjoying it so far. ¬†The Mists of Avalon is one of my favorite books of all times, but I’ve never ventured out to read anything else by Bradley. ¬†It doesn’t hold the same appeal as MofA, but the writing is still compelling.
Here are two astrological articles I read this week about Capricorn season andMercury Retrograde.¬† (Interested in astrology? ¬†Dare I say it again? ¬†I think you’d love Your Year of Radical Transformation.)
Enjoy your weekend to the max!

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