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  • Brittany Thorne says:

    Hi Nicole!

    I hope you are well. From the look of things, you are even more fabulous than the last time we touched base! I am always so taken aback by your insight, approach and raw creativity. At the end of last year, I discovered you and knew right away… I have to work with this woman! I have been on a journey over the last few months which is leading to the place I whole-heartedly believe I am supposed to be. I actually contacted you originally on behalf of my last employer (Envy Yourself, 2818 Old Dawson Rd., Albany, GA).
    Since leaving Envy, I have moved on to other endeavors and have been joined with an amazing soul which has presented an incredible opportunity. My new business partner is a wonderful, kind-hearted and giving person who strives to empower women, good health and our local community. She runs a non-profit recovery center (since 2003), a bread house (which mills all their own flour), oversees portions of their family business… and now locally-sourced and driven retail! It’s amazing how paths cross, change and lead to a place that you can’t even believe you are in! I feel so fortunate, excited and motivated in this new direction.
    She purchased a historical home (built in 1908) which sits beside the first home constructed in downtown. It’s almost 9,000 square feet and is in the process of being restored to its former glory… but with updated and unconventional touches. She is moving her bread house to this location starting the second week of April. Downstairs, they are using the space to grow their own herbs, flowers, fruit, mill flour, stone ground grits, make yummy deserts, small plates, seasonal goodies, gourmet coffee, wellness teas and honey. She’s been raising bees so they can source the honey right there on the spot and the list goes on!
    Now that I’ve given you a little background, I will get to the retail therapy side of things. The entire upstairs is a blank canvas with five rooms, a sleeping porch, rooftop access and lots of beautiful details. We are looking to do a mixture of things from apparel, accessories, home furnishings, art and repurposed goods. She has 6 industrial sewing machines, tons of donated fabric, clothing, beads and findings… along with eager hands that are ready to create. Actually, another layer that makes this so interestingly wonderful, the residents of the recovery center will be working with us to sew, design, draw and bring these pieces to life.
    With all that being said, we need a fun, unusual, bold and meaningful representation of our brand. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect individual for the job. I told her about you and she was thrilled. She asked me to contact you in hopes that we can work together. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and if so, we can schedule a consultation to move towards the next step in your creative process. I look forward to hearing from you and will be working on organizing my thoughts, ideas and inspiration for creating a beautiful brand (both inside and out!)

    Kindest Regards,
    Brittany Thorne

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