I spend a lot of time here, so I want to make sure it feels comfy + inspiring.
My name is Nicole Harlow and I’m the Creative Director of Love Harlow.
I used to feel waves of hot, panicky anxiety when asked to describe myself in the past… because how do you connect ever-y-thing you create when you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur?
HERE’S THIS: I’m a 7 on the enneagram (The Enthusiast), “Passion + Prestige” personality type on How to Fascinate and a Taurus (on the Gemini cusp) sun / Leo moon
In my quest to simplify, I’ll tell you this:  I’m in love (and I mean passionate, making out all the damn day kind of love) with learning and explaining.  I’m the happiest when I’m passionately exploring my curiosity and then turning around to share my unbridled enthusiasm with this world.
This curiosity takes me many places, as you’ll see from the links below.  But there is one thread that runs through everything I create: female empowerment + leadership.
In my 10+ years as an entrepreneur I’ve taught women burlesque, yoga, meditation, wrote books about nutrition, started a science magazine, taught about the zodiac and astrology, built websites, created a movement for women suffering from anxiety and depression, lectured on the importance of “feminine flow” and you know what, I’m just getting started.
The world is FULL of topics to get inspired about and I’m happiest when I get to share my enthusiasm with the world!
The un-official bio stuff + where to dig in…

In the Spirited / Psychological Realm:

Creative / Entrepreneurship: 

Hormones + Health:

Writing and Miscellaneous Geekery:

  • Author of international bestselling book Chakra Detox and the upcoming Feminine Flow and the creator / editrix of science, psych + philosophy magazine GEOMETRY.
Fun Facts 
  • A true bootstrapper by nature, if it needs to be edited, scripted, coded, recorded, planned out, executed or marketed, I’ve done it (and most likely found out how to do it for free via YouTube — thankyouverymuch!)
  • In 2015 I achieved my dream of location-independence and now live on the teeny, tiny Mediterranean island of Malta (but I still keep my ‘hood Philly girl roots, even here)
  • I have a Master’s degree in Sexuality, and you better believe I use that thing everyday…