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Life, business, sex, periods, inspiration, alignment, finances, love, flow…..  it’s all deeply connected, interwoven with what it truly means to be a modern woman.

You know what doesn’t inspire feminine flow and vibrancy? Doing business in a linear, dude-like fashion (nothing against dudes, of course, but we’re just well, different.)
Our bodies, businesses and cycles are meant to flooooooooooow and so many of us ladies spend most of our time trying to fit into a model that just. doesn’t. fit. (Think: heels 3x’s too small level of discomfort.)
The Feminine Flow Method is here to change all that.
A distinctly, deliciously feminine protocol that takes into account your unique feminine flow and how all aspects of your life influence and ultimately dictate your business, leadership + success capacity. 

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By working with The Feminine Flow Method, you’ll learn:

  • How to bring more pleasure, abundance + success into your life
  • How to use conscious body practices like breathwork, yoga + meditation to deepen your relationship with your feminine flow
  • How to unleash + activate your vibrant, embodied, creative, feminine core
  • How to tap into your unique cycle to supercharge your productivity, pleasure, communication skills and success
  • What radical love really is and how you can use radical love practices to bring more honesty + intimacy to all of your relationships (including yourself)
  • How to open up and stay receptive so you can live a passionate, purposeful, turned-on life
  • How to harness your sexual energy to spark your creativity and power
  • How to amp up your level of vibration and attraction so that you become an irresistible magnet — we’re talking major mojo here!
  • How to set adaptive boundaries, while still playing at the edge of your comfort zone (this is the best practice for growth)

Phew. Oh, and you’ll also how learn just how to have a better, more beautiful brand, make more money, command premium prices and how to #winatlife in the most empowered, conscious way.


Here are some of the topics we’ll cover when we work together using The Feminine Flow Method:

  • Financial Freedom
  • Money Mindset
  • Global Impact
  • Feminine Intuition
  • Pleasure Principle
  • Radical Transformation
  • Harnessing Your Cyclical Nature
  • Energy Healing, Spirituality + Universal Principles

Plus, we’ll dive deeply into no-nonsense, left-brained business mastery topics such as: sales, branding, content creation + curation, social media, systems + operations, client acquisition, innovation, brand style,  packaging, creating programs and products, building a team, among others.


The Feminine Flow Method is perfect for you if: 

You are called to transform and to bring more joy, light, brilliance, healing and beauty into the world.

You are ready to make a bigger impact in your business, you capacity to love and serve and your bank account.

You are ready to connect deeply to what it means to be a female entrepreneur and really start to make massive inspired action based on your unique feminine flow.

You have a clear vision for your growing business and you’re ready to call in the support that you know you need to get you there.

You’re committed to upgrading your life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

You believe that money, success, abundance and business are spiritual pursuits worthy of your attention.

The Feminine Flow Method is perfect for coaches, creative entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, healers, healthcare workers, writers, photographers, indie biz owners, designers and other female entrepreneurs.

This method is not recommended if you are not sure whether you want to be a business owner, are looking for a quick fix, aren’t ready to invest in yourself and your business, or the investment in working with Nicole will put you and / or your family in a dire financial situation.

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The Feminine Flow Method includes: 

The Feminine Flow Method welcome packet + deep-dive questionnaire

1 x 90-minute one-on-one goal setting intensive

8 x 60-minute one-on-one coaching calls (spread out bi-weekly over 4 months)

Email access for personalized support throughout the duration of our coaching package (I aim to answer all emails within 24-hours M-F) — ask me any questions you like, I’m an open book!

Bonus: Access to Your Year of Radical Transformation group program ($600 value)

INVESTMENT: $2,400* ($500 deposit, plus four monthly payments of $475)

Branding Babe Package (add-on):

Add a brand-spanking-new website or website makeover (WordPress or Squarespace) and receive a $600 discount when you book both packages together.

INVESTMENT:  $5,000* (The Feminine Flow Method + Website Design) 

Wanderlust Babe Package (add-on):

Add a full day of pampering, business brainstorming and sisterhood to your The Feminine Flow Method package. We’ll rendezvous in a European city of your choice (ooh, Paris, Barcelona, Rome!) at a gorgeous, upscale hotel and bring the magic!

INVESTMENT: $3,800* (The Feminine Flow Method + Wanderlust Babe Intensive) 

*Payment plan available for all packages.

love note from nicole

Does this story sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve seen her before.

With her wild hair, untamed. She’s dancing wildly to the rhythm of tribal drums, her hips undulating hypnotically as she gyrates to the music. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy and her skin glistens with a thin film of sweat. You — and everyone else in the room with a pulse — can’t take your eyes off of her. Her entire aura radiates with confidence, pleasure and sensuality.

As you watch her move you wonder — how does she do it? Where does this energy come from?

I wish that I was comfortable enough to be THAT woman.

Here’s the thing.

I want to let you in on a little secret, but I have a feeling you might not believe me at first.

You ARE that woman. 

Inside of every woman there is a deep sexual essence called shakti. This is the creative life force that lies at the core center of a woman’s being. The force that we draw from whenever we experience a deep orgasm, dance wildly, give birth and act with sensitive courage.

The trouble is, sometimes — well, most times actually — this powerful creative force inside gets trapped, buried, calcified after years of neglect, shut up into dark closets and simply pushed down out of fear, conditioning and circumstances.

You see, the work that I do is to help unravel the old twisty knots so that you can get your sacred mojo back. 

Radiant, feminine vibrancy and powerful business + financial are your birthright — your natural state of feminine flow.

When you veer from your natural state, pathos and imbalance reigns.

Using a blend of  deep inquiry, exercises and good ol’ business know-how, we’ll dive down into your seat of your feminine power and reclaim your true embodied, conscious, ecstatic self. 



Hey! I’m Nicole Harlow

I’m the Creative Director of Nicole Harlow Design Studio and lead branding + biz teacher at Brand Better. I’m passionate about web design and great branding and spend my time creating gorgeous custom websites and creative branding for entrepreneurs. hippy mamas, bendy yoga teachers, kick-ass coaches, artists making the world beautiful one print at a time, vintage store mavens, clothing labels + other indie businesses.

In addition to branding + design, I guide women in their best year ever over at the #zodiaclovefest Your Year of Radical Transformation and coach entrepreneurs and female leaders in The Feminine Flow Method and my Namaste MBA group mentorship program.

I’m the author of international bestselling book Chakra Detox and the upcoming Feminine Flow, the creative brains behind the independent science magazine, GEOMETRY and leader of the global Bigger Than Movement.

As a digital nomad, I travel around the world in search of free wifi and adventure. You can currently find me living by the sea on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta.


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