Something for the weekend No. 9

The people, articles, music, ideas + food I’ve loved this week …

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Hey beautiful!

How was your week?
Right now it’s howling and rainy outside and I’m tucked under the covers writing you this email. It’s pretty cozy in here with my new hot water bottle (complete with a tiny heart sweater over top of it.)
I know all this coziness will have to end very soon, since my stomach is starting to growl and there’s no food in the house…. oh, how I miss GrubHub and food delivery on-demand.
This week was kind of a weird one.  My sleeping schedule is totally whacked and I’m trying to get myself back into a semblance of a normal sleeping routine.  The trouble with being a Vata (ayurvedic dosha) is that my routine and body can be very easily thrown out of sync.  This is something I’ve found to be true for my period as well, as any little disturbances throughout my month can result in a kind of “off” cycle.  Do you experience this as well? Or are things regular-like-clockwork no matter what happens in your life?
Biz wise, I bought myself a very very sweet new camera setup (Canon 70d + 50mm 1.8 STM lens + Rode Videopro Go, HAMA 62 tripod + wireless remote for all the geeks out there) and a few little tech toys, like a waterproof iPhone cover for video, a selfie stick (groan, I know, I know! There’s a purpose, I promise.) and a coil of LED lights to make a DIY ring light.   I’m putting a lot of energy into vlogging on YouTube in 2017, so now I have everything that I need to put together beautiful and very profesh videos.
I also did I total re-brand for a book I published in 2013 called Chakra Detox.  I was very underwhelmed by the original cover and know my design skills have improved 1000% since then, so I created a new cover and suite of graphics to go with the second edition of the book.
So much better, right?

This is a project that has been sitting on my to-do list since about oh, 2013.
This week I’ve been binge-watching Sex in the City and I also watched the movie Inside Out (loved it! Wish this was around when I was a kid.)
I rarely watch TV and there are a million things I haven’t seen (Game of Thrones? Nope. Breaking Bad? Never saw it. You name it I probably haven’t watched it.) My reasoning?  I like to get shit done, I can’t work while I’m watching something in the background + I really like to read.   So the list of things I’ll never get around to watching grows by the day and I’m absolutely fine with that!
I pondered over Gala Darling’s 10 Questions To Ask Yourself To End 2016 Feeling Positive And Powerful and lusted over Designlovefest’s 10 Dreamy Hotels 
I downloaded the app Sleep Cycle and Slate’s Chrome extension This is Fake(although I’m not quite sure how it works yet.)
I spent A LOT of time looking at cameras and watching very boring YouTube videos about crop sensors, focal distances + gear reviews.
If you are like me and haven’t done any of your holiday shopping yet (oops) maybe you can find something on this holiday gift giving list. 
Sending you a big hug! Have an awesome weekend!!


PS — Mark your calendar for the winter solstice (12/21) because I’m going to be hosting Planning Party 2017 at 3pm EST.  I’m sharing the process I’ve created (and use myself) to wrap this year up with a bow and call in some major manifestation shizzzz for the new year.

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